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Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

My stories:

Sonic Stories:

Tails of Dreams…
Current status: Finished
Pokemon Fanfics:

PMD: Storms Adventures (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Shadow Warriors (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
Current status: Hiatus

The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Fighting a Friend's Darkness: (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Harmonious Sky Vs Chaotic Darkness (Sonic/Pokemon/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Finished

The Vines that Bind (Sonic/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Complete
MLP Fanfics:

(In Chronological order)

The Letters that Drew them Together: oneshot

Fight for Flight…
Current status: Finished

Withered and Blooming:…
Current Status: Compete

Strength through the Storm: Oneshot

Keeping Secrets:…
Current Status: Finished

What's Lost and Found in the Everfree Forest: Oneshot

Growth through the Thorn:…
Current Status: Complete

Rebirth: Oneshot

I Hope you're Happy with Her:…
Current Status: Complete

Blooming Travels:…
Current Status: Finished

Making it Up to Her: Oneshot

The Games we Used to Play: Oneshot

A Weighted Choice:…
Current Status: In progress

The Truth from a Parent: Oneshot

Sitting For Attention: Oneshot

Parenthood: Oneshot

Rumbling Doubts:…
Current Status: Complete

Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
Favorite LPers: Chuggaaconroy, Clementj624, and SomecallmeJonnny
Wallpaper of Choice: Usually a character I like with a Bible verse on it.
Favorite Quote: "Put you hand over your chest. Feel that? It's called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up!"
Shell of Choice: Red Shell. Useful to me, not to my opponents.
Favorite Console: The Nintendo Gamecube. A very underrated console with some very underrated games on it.
Yeah Kirito, slice slice slice slice slice! Show that boss who's boss. Man am I so glad I've gotten into Sword Art Onli....huh> What's that? A new MLP episode. Do I have to watch it? I'm busy!

And sorry for the ?? episode number. I have no clue what episode this is. I kinda lost count.

Anyway this episode begins in Rainbow Falls with Pinkie Pie screaming. I already wish I was watching Sword Art Online again.  Anyways Pinkie Pie is screaming because apparently they are going to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange. Ok, I have one thing to say here before we move on. This better not be a Chain of Deals episode! I have enough of that while playing the Legend of Zelda and I don't need an episode about it!

And apparently Twilight is there because a princess is always there as a formality, and the ponies are there to see her. Oh please, please let this be the premise of the episode and not a trade quest episode. I've wanted them to do an episode on Twilight's reaction to other's reaction to her status upgrade for the longest time, and while Twilight Time sort of did that I want it to be much more in depth.

So after the usual skipped opening theme (I don't skip SAO's opening theme) we cut to the mane 6 looking around at the stuff they can get. With any luck nobody is selling their childhood friend's Ocarina. Also Spike makes a reference to that episode. Ugg...I like the continuity but can you make it a reference to an episode that doesn't only get by because of it's references?

Also ponies continue to gush after Twilight. Let this be what the episode is about! 

Actually, it sort of is and sort of isn't. This episode is actually three plots in one. It's only Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy who have the ...stupid...Chain of Deals....plot. Uggggggggggggggg RAGE!

As you can probably guess, I'm not a fan of this kind of plot. In video games it's justified since trade quests usually give you pretty great items which can help you on your quest. Otherwise it's monotony incarnate. And if you want proof, there is a flash game called The Legend of Zelda Lampshade of No Real Significance which was made entirely to mock the Chain of Deals trope.

Granted at least they make it somewhat interesting by making all the stuff Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy need to trade be weird. Like the first Chrystal boss of Bravely Default, a Lampshade of Chaos, an antique statue of the greatest murderers to anyone wearing a green cap, a d a Fairly Odd Parent episode. And it ends differently with Rainbow Dash completing the chain of deals, but losing Fluttershy in the process, and then realizing the ASOP.

Anyways, Applejack and Rarity need to use both of their resources in order to buy something, Applejack wanting a worn out pot and Rarity wanting a broach that she already owns. ...Ok as much as I think both of those are stupid, especially with how much it seems to be costing them, I'm going to side with Applejack on this one. According to her it'll cook pies five second faster (don't know if I believe that but whatever) and at least that helps efficiency. Rarity already has the fricken broach she's trying to buy! And this is why Rarity is my least favorite of the mane 6.

Eventually though they decide to outfriend each other by saying they could have it once again continuing the conflict, until they each use their half to get something for the other person.

As for Twilight and Pinkie, Twilight is trying to get rid of some books to keep the library over filled and Pinkie Pie shows why she is my second least favorite of the mane 6 and constantly stops her without it being something amazing. Though her Flim Flam impression was kinda interesting.

Eventually though Twilight remembers the sentimental value of all her books and keeps them.

And that's the episode. Final thoughts.

...Meh. Alright, to be honest this episode was ok but too predictable. Minus the end of the Chain of Deals part with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash I kinda saw what was going to happen in this episode coming as soon as I know what each plot was. So it falls the same way Power Ponies does for me. But at least unlike Power Ponies which tried to cover up the predictable plot with references this one actually tried being humorous with it's predictable plot. Which I can respect more and enjoy more. So it was an ok episode.

Anyways, now that I'm done with that...back to more SAO.
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Strange1331 4 days ago  Student Writer
I saw this and immediately thought of you!
Glad I woke up before seeing that. Otherwise it would haunt my nightmares. 
Strange1331 4 days ago  Student Writer

:iconsonicandmario826:… there is an image that fits your name better than your current icon you have now.
Kinda, but to be honest if I'm going to change the image I'd want just Sonic in the Link outfit in the picture. And without any photoshop skills I can't do that.
I'm sure someone will get a picture of just him sometime in the future.
Yeah, maybe sometime.
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FlutterBOSS Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I, too, have made a comment of no significance. 
It took me so long to figure out this had to do with the comment I made in your shoutbox.
FlutterBOSS Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, yeah. I've been wanting to do that for awhile, and I didn't see a shoutbox on your profile. XD
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