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Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

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Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
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The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
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Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
Favorite LPers: Chuggaaconroy, Clementj624, and SomecallmeJonnny
Wallpaper of Choice: Depends on how I feel
Favorite Quote: "Put you hand over your chest. Feel that? It's called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up!"
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Favorite Console: The Nintendo Gamecube. A very underrated console with some very underrated games on it.
So this episode begins with a recap of the last Pokemon Performance that Shauna won, promoting Serena to decide to work hard for her next performance. Since as far as I know the Japanese version is somewhere in the 70s for episodes and Serena still hasn't participated in another performance, I wouldn't expect that anytime soon.

Anyways, after the opening Serena decides a plan for her Pokemon and goes out to do it with Ash and Bonnie as the crowd. As you can imagine though, that works about as well as tumbling bricks. Fennekin accidentally burns Pancham and they end up fighting. Then Pancham accidentally falls on Fennekin and they end up fighting. Their fighting gets Serena burned, causing her to walk off on her own. 

We then cut to useless filler by characters who shouldn't be here. What are you talking about? I'm totally not still bitter about the last episode. Really.

After that, Serena mopes in front of a store where she ends up meeting up with Kalos Queen Aria in disguise. She's...a lot peppier then I thought she would be. I kinda expected Aria to let the fame go to her head and be a Rich #$@#% but then again, I think I prefer this. Plus it's kinda rare in the Pokemon Anime to find someone famous that lets the fame go to their head. While that does sort of lack variety, I honestly don't care since I hate vane characters.

After that we move on to the rest of the gang with Pancham and Fennekin worrying about Serena, we move on to Clement defeating some kid with a Treeko which is...odd I guess but whatever, then we finally go back to Serena.

Serena and totallynotAria ate at some random cafe where totallynotAria gives Serena the advice to apologize to her Pokemon for blowing up at them. Uhh...ok.

After the break we cut to...THIS GOT CREEPY FAST! Uhh...I'm...just going to move on here. This filler anyways. ...

So Serena and her Pokemon reconcile and totallynotAria is there to watch. There totallynotAria suggests that they have a double battle. TotallynotAria sends out Delphox and Aromatess while Serena has Pancham and Fennekin. So let's see, a Fairy type and a fully evolved starter against a base form starter and a fighting type. This isn't even fair.

Of course the point of the battle mostly is for totallynotAria to teach Serena so Serena doesn't get curb stomped immediately, but she does have trouble as Delphox is much more powerful then her Fennekin and knocks Fennekin to the ground with the fairy using Thoron to knock Fennekin out. Pancham comes in with a Dark Pulse, but is just barely able to hold the charge beam off. 

Serena begins to lose hope until totallynotAria's words comes back to her, giving her the resolve to keep smiling. That gives her Fennekin resolve to stand up and evolve into Braixen. Pancham and Braixen actually do some damage by using Dark Pulse as a distraction before hitting with Flamethrower. With Serena gaining a newfound confidence, the battle is on now, or at least it would be if totallynotAria's phone didn't ring forcing her to leave. With that Aria left with giving Serena some encouragement and, after a show on the next day revealing that totallynotAria was in fact Aria, the episode ends. Final thoughts?

It was...alright I guess, but I really can't place it right now. Honestly, I have no clue how I'd rate this episode right now. I'd have to give if a few more watchthroughs to decide really how I feel about it. It's nice to see that Serena's Pokemon are going to grow though, and if the newest Japanese ending is any indication, she might even be getting a new Pokemon as well sometime soon. While Serena is going very slowly, at least she's starting to get it all figured out.
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Thanks for that review on my first chapter. I'll keep those tips in mind.
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