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Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

My stories:

Sonic Stories:

Tails of Dreams…
Current status: Finished
Pokemon Fanfics:

PMD: Storms Adventures (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Shadow Warriors (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
Current status: Hiatus

The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Fighting a Friend's Darkness: (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Harmonious Sky Vs Chaotic Darkness (Sonic/Pokemon/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Finished

The Vines that Bind (Sonic/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Complete
MLP Fanfics:

(In Chronological order)

The Letters that Drew them Together: oneshot

Fight for Flight…
Current status: Finished

Withered and Blooming:…
Current Status: Compete

Strength through the Storm: Oneshot

Keeping Secrets:…
Current Status: Finished

What's Lost and Found in the Everfree Forest: Oneshot

Growth through the Thorn:…
Current Status: Complete

Rebirth: Oneshot

I Hope you're Happy with Her:…
Current Status: Complete

Blooming Travels:…
Current Status: Finished

Making it Up to Her: Oneshot

The Games we Used to Play: Oneshot

A Weighted Choice:…
Current Status: In progress

The Truth from a Parent: Oneshot

Sitting For Attention: Oneshot

Parenthood: Oneshot

Rumbling Doubts:…
Current Status: Complete

Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
Favorite LPers: Chuggaaconroy, Clementj624, and SomecallmeJonnny
Wallpaper of Choice: Depends on how I feel
Favorite Quote: "Put you hand over your chest. Feel that? It's called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up!"
Shell of Choice: Red Shell. Useful to me, not to my opponents.
Favorite Console: The Nintendo Gamecube. A very underrated console with some very underrated games on it.
No, before you ask, I have no thoughts on the game yet since I haven't played it. It's low on my priority list, behind ORAS and Smash 4 and possibly other things.

Anyways, this show is exactly what I was worried it would be but figured it would be. A comedy without much plot or continuity.

Now let me explain myself. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Heck, from what I've seen of it there are worse comedy only shows out there (a certain chibi reboot of a DC show comes to mind). It's not really that bad, though I will admit the fact that it's one of those two 15 minute episode types of shows doesn't do wonders for the pacing. There are some jokes I did laugh at though. But anyways...I'm not particularly a fan of that style of TV show now a days.

Basically the TV shows I like have a few things. 1. They have characters I like, and am interested in seeing their conflicts play out. 2. Have to have a comedic side but not be afraid to be serious as well. A perfect blend of comedy and serious story telling really goes a long way for me, and it's one of the reasons why Avatar the Last Airbender is my favorite show. 3. Have to have at least some continuity. I like it when a show references previous episodes. I like it when characters grow and develop from those episodes. That's why I do my fanfics the way I do them. It makes me more invested in what's happening in each episode since what's happening actually matters.

But there has only been a couple of episodes, so my opinion might change eventually if future episodes impress me. But for doesn't really capture my interests. I'd rather watch a new episode of the Pokemon Anime than Sonic Boom (of course, Legend of Korra outshines them both but that's beside the point). I can't say it's bad but it doesn't interest me.

Now, for those of you about to type "It's a kids show, so what did you expect" in the comments, you can stop now.

I understand that the target demographic is kids much younger than me. And to be honest, I really don't care. I don't use "It's a kids show" as an excuse for a show. I just mentioned above that Avatar the Last Airbender is one of my favorite shows. It's a kids show but it still has it's serious moments. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky (and the PMD series in general) is a kids game and boy did they manage to put some serious moments in that game. I don't think kids shows need to be pure comedic shows. I think you can get some action, development, and some actual heart pounding moments in those shows and still consider them kids shows. Heck, it's by doing that you get a wider audience of not just kids.

But again, from what I've seen of it, it's not that bad. Just not in my tastes. And that might change in the future. I don't know anything for sure yet. So who knows, it might actually impress me. Until then, if you wanted me to place it in terms of Sonic shows I'd probably put it behind SatAM and Sonic X. Maybe also Sonic Underground but I haven't really watched that so...
  • Listening to: PMD 2 Dialga Fight to the Finish (Piano Remix)
  • Reading: CosmicPower: the Next Generation
  • Watching: Olizandri
  • Playing: Explorers of Sky until I finally get ORAS
  • Eating: Chili Dog and Mint Candy
  • Drinking: Elixir Soup

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FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
Hey Soniclink, you wouldn't happen to know any noteworthy Pokemon and KH groups?

I asked because when I browse group search for Kingdom Hearts, majority of them are for shipping; as for Pokemon, there's too many to count.
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Hmm...sort of.

For Pokemon, because there are so many groups, it really depends on what you're looking for. There are groups dedicated to a certain evolutionary line, groups dedicated to certain spinoffs, like I myself am in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon group, groups dedicated to writing obviously, and there are just a bunch of them. If you want just a good general group :iconpokemonfanclub1: is one I see a lot and by the looks of the group it is pretty large. Don't know about the quality that goes in it though.

For the most part though, most of the Pokemon artwork in my faves comes from me finding a Pokemon picture and then using the many suggestions that show up to the right to look for similar artwork. Either that or it's me searching for a specific Pokemon in the search bar.

Can't really help you on Kingdom Hearts though. I'm not part of any groups for that and most of the pictures I found are stuff I see in a friend of mine's faves, then just doing the above method of looking through the suggestions to the right.
Last day before ΩRαS.

Is your body ready?:iconreggieplz:
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Oh I wish. Unfortunately I won't be getting it for a couple of weeks still, due to a heavy need to concentrate on my school work. Which is going to be painful.
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Conveniently I nicknamed my Mudkip, Demyx. :XD:
Zelda206 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, buddy--

What was that picture commission of the Pokemon you wanted? I lost the details!
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Alright, had to look through my notes just to make sure I was remembering right:

For the cover art I'd like a Cyndaquil in the middle, an Eevee to the right, and a Pikachu to the left looking with (as best as you can get since I expect it will be hard with the Cyndaquil) worried expressions to the sky.

For the background I'd like a dark, almost stormy looking sky.

The Cyndaquil always wears a pink Pecha Scarf around his neck (and hates it when it's pointed out to him that he wears a pink scarf) and the Eevee always wears a red Power Band around her neck.

The Pikachu had blue X-Ray specs that he can wear either on his forehead or over his eyes and coming out of his forehead he has five small spikes. He also is the one that normally carries the bag around.

As an extra detail, and you don't have to do this if you don't want to or it's too time consuming, I'd like for there to be raindrops and for the raindrops to have a psychic aura around them. You don't have to do this one, it's mostly for foreshadowing.

Thanks once again for doing this.
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Looks like I'm not the only who noticed the slight name change.

I was thinking what it would look like if you were to capitalize the L in Soniclink137.
SonicLink137. At least that's how I did mines with FerrumFlos1st.
Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I'm honestly surprised so many people noticed. It's just capitalizing one letter.

I thought about it, and maybe later, but for now I'm sticking with what I've got.
Gunflame345 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Congratz on the name change. The capital 'S' makes you look classy. ;)
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