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Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

My stories:

Sonic Stories:

Tails of Dreams…
Current status: Finished
Pokemon Fanfics:

PMD: Storms Adventures (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Shadow Warriors (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Tragic Decision:
Current Status: In progress

Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
Current status: Canceled (unless inspiration strikes hard)

The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Fighting a Friend's Darkness: (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Harmonious Sky Vs Chaotic Darkness (Sonic/Pokemon/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Finished

The Vines that Bind (Sonic/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Complete
MLP Fanfics:

(In Chronological order)

The Letters that Drew them Together: oneshot

Fight for Flight…
Current status: Finished

Withered and Blooming:…
Current Status: Compete

Strength through the Storm: Oneshot

Keeping Secrets:…
Current Status: Finished

What's Lost and Found in the Everfree Forest: Oneshot

Growth through the Thorn:…
Current Status: Complete

Rebirth: Oneshot

I Hope you're Happy with Her:…
Current Status: Complete

Blooming Travels:…
Current Status: Finished

Making it Up to Her: Oneshot

The Games we Used to Play: Oneshot

A Weighted Choice:…
Current Status: In progress

The Truth from a Parent: Oneshot

Sitting For Attention: Oneshot

Parenthood: Oneshot

Rumbling Doubts:…
Current Status: Complete

Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
Favorite LPers: Chuggaaconroy, Clementj624, and SomecallmeJonnny
Wallpaper of Choice: Depends on how I feel
Favorite Quote: "Put you hand over your chest. Feel that? It's called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up!"
Shell of Choice: Red Shell. Useful to me, not to my opponents.
Favorite Console: The Nintendo Gamecube. A very underrated console with some very underrated games on it.

Favorite Normal Type: I feel like I’m sorta cheating with this but…Eevee. Yeah I know, but first off I like it’s design (granted, I’m a fan of foxes but that’s beside the point) and I really love its concept. The ability to evolve into so many different types is a really great concept. I hope they continue with this and give each Eeveelution a Mega Evolution/better movepool so that it’ll be used more competitively.


Favorite Ghost Type: This is really hard since Ghost is probably one of my least favorite types. Not because of a scare factor or anything, heck I find most of their designs comical more than scary. I just don’t really like a lot of their designs. With that being said however, Aegislash. It’s a sword and shield Pokémon. I don’t need to say any more.


Favorite Fire Type: Fennekin. Here comes my love of foxes again. I don’t care how unmanly it is, I think Fennekin is the most adorable thing in the world.


Favorite Water Type: Keldeo. Again, if you have anything to do with foxes or swords, you’ve got my attention. Plus I like Keldeo’s concept as the apprentice of what is essentially the Pokémon universe equivalent of the Three Musketeers. And I’ll admit, Gates to Infinity made me like him even more, especially with how hilarious he was yet how awesome he was. His whole mood whiplash thing made him a great source for comedy that I kinda wish Gates to Infinity had an endgame just so I can see more cutscenes with him. Yet he’s still pretty smart and good in a fight, since he was pretty much instrumental in saving the world.


Favorite Grass Type: Shaymin/Grovyle. Shaymin goes on here because I really like its concept, with it being the physical manifestation of gratitude. What you get out of it depends on what you perceive of it. If you express your gratitude to it, it’ll in return have an undying loyalty to you. If you find it annoying, it will go out of its way to annoy you. Plus, when it receives gratitude in the form of the Gracadea flower, it then transforms into its Sky Forme and goes out to spread it. There’s a lot of symbolism to Shaymin that I like. That…and I like quadrupeds that can fly. Makes me wish there was a Flying type Eeveelution.


Grovyle is strictly for his role and character in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. I mean, I’m ok with the Pokémon Grovyle’s design, and its Leaf Blade attack gets it a few points, but I like Grovyle more for Grovyle the character’s role in PMD2. Like seriously, he takes live life to the fullest and do what you can with the time you have to extremes that would make Sonic the Hedgehog spin. (Now put him in Smash Bros already!)


Favorite Ice Type: Glaceon. Kinda surprised it took me this long to put an Eeveelution on here, considering a lot of them are in my favorites. Unfortunately, a lot of the types that the Eeveelutions have I just prefer another Pokémon to them. Not here though. Glaceon gets to be my favorite Ice Type.


Favorite Fighting Type: Lucario. Moving on.


Favorite Rock Type: Yay, another one of my least favorite types. Tyrannitar for Rule of Cool factor. I admittedly haven’t used one in battle, but then again, I haven’t used many Rock Types on my team either (except for Aggron, who’s not going here because his Mega makes him Steel only).


Favorite Ground Type: This is another type I don’t use much of, but Flygon. It’s actually kinda a funny story with Flygon. When I first played Emerald when I got it, I wanted a Flygon for my team, but I couldn’t figure out how to get one. I didn’t make the connection between Trapinch and Flygon and didn’t see a Vibrava so I wasn’t able to put it into my Pokedex. And even when I did see the three together in Colosseum, the “Pokedex” in that game wasn’t in Pokedex order so I still didn’t make the connection. I can’t remember what exactly got me to figure it out, but once I did I immediately got myself a Flygon.


Favorite Steel Type: Aggron.


Favorite Dark Type: Zorua. Yay, more foxes. Plus I like its illusion ability, especially since (at least in Gen 5) the A.I actually falls for it. It’s fun messing up people’s strategies through the use of Illusion.


Favorite Psychic Type: Espeon. Oh hey look, another Eeveelution. Actually, Espeon’s mostly here because, at least until Mega Evolutions came along, it was the best user of the Magic Bounce ability. I’m sorry, you want to Stealth Rocks me? That’s so cute. I’m just going to reflect that back at you. Enjoy your entry hazards and I hope you don’t have a Charizard on your team.


Favorite Fairy Type: Sylveon. Admittedly there wasn’t much competition. Aside from Xerneas, Sylveon is really the only Fairy Type I like.


Favorite Poison Type: Venasaur by sheer process of elimination, even though it’s most known as the First Gen Grass Starter. I don’t hate Venasaur, I even kinda like it a little bit, but not that much. It’s just every other Poison Type I either dislike or am apathetic to.


Favorite Flying Type: Would putting Shaymin here again be cheating? I mean, yeah I put it under Grass Type, but Shaymin’s Sky Forme is part flying and I also put two up there. But if so then…Talonflame.


Favorite Electric Type: Honestly, Pikachu due to sheer mascot status, and the times I’ve used one in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games as a whole. I’ve used a Pikachu more times than I can count so I kinda have to put it on here. Regardless of how things have gone, Pikachu has that nostalgic value to it.


Favorite Bug Type: Joltik. I normally don’t like spiders thanks to IHAVEYOUSKULLTULLAGODIEINAFIREIHATEYOUSOMUCH but I’ll admit I kinda like Joltik and Galvantual’s designs. Plus I really like the Compound Eyes ability, since it makes a lot of moves whose accuracy was too unreliable before actually somewhat useful. I still feel that my Thunder missed way too much for 91% accuracy when I ran one in Black, but it’s better than before.


Favorite Dragon Type: Oh boy, so many to choose from. Latios/Latias. No, I’m not going to pick between them. Just put both of them here.


Favorite Baby Pokémon: Riolu. Yes, it is a Baby Pokémon surprisingly enough. It’s in the Undiscovered Egg Group, Evolves through Happiness, and automatically has three perfect IVs when captured (which to be fair, is a trait the entire Undiscovered Egg Group has as a whole). It’s also got lower than average stats for a Base Form Pokémon (though that is admittedly comparing it to starters mostly).


Favorite Legendary: Shaymin again. Can you tell I like this Pokémon?


Favorite Pseudo-Legendary: Tyranitar again.


Favorite Type in general: Grass. Not counting Chespin (yet), I have used every single Grass starter at one point in time or another. My second favorite is Fire.


Favorite Pokémon of all time: See those two under the Favorite Grass Type section? Yeah, just put those two here and you’ve got it.


Favorite Pokeball: Timer Ball just to the sheer utility I get out of it. It’s always the Pokeball that I keep around for whatever the situation calls for. The only thing it doesn’t help with is Roaming Pokémon, something that has slowly been dying.


Favorite Eeveelution: Leafeon. Poor Leafeon. You are my favorite Eeveelution, yet I wasn’t able to talk about you because I just like Shaymin and Grovyle better. Anyways, as any Eeveelution expert could tell you, all Eeveelutions follow a specific pattern for their stat totals. They have a stat they specialize in, a stat that their above average in, a stat that they’re just a bit below average in but not too bad, and the rest are terrible. For Leafeon, the stat it’s great at is defense, it’s above average in attack, and it’s decent in speed. So here we’ve got a tank that can deal out some decent damage and isn’t too slow to boot. You can even make it faster with its Hidden Ability Chlorophyll if you get a sun summoner. Plus I like the Grass Type and I like it’s design.


Favorite Legendary Trio: The Swords of Justice if you don’t include Keldeo. The Weather Trio if you do count Keldeo as a part of the Swords of Justice.


Favorite Shiny Pokémon: Zorua, because I like blue and I really like how the blue fur looks on it.


Favorite Gen 1 Pokémon: Eevee. Yeah, this section is going to be a huge recap, isn’t it? Anyways, see what I put down for Eevee under the Favorite Normal Type section for more info.


Favorite Gen 2 Pokémon: Cyndaquil. Sure you got overshadowed by Fennekin in Gen 6, but you were still my first Pokémon.


Favorite Gen 3 Pokémon: One of the two Pokémon I put under my favorite Pokémon of all time section (sort of) happens to be a Gen 3 Pokémon as well. And should also be in Smash Bros. So just put him here too.


Favorite Gen 4 Pokémon: Guess. Just guess. The answer shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.


Favorite Gen 5 Pokémon: Zorua.


Favorite Gen 6 Pokémon: Fennekin.


Favorite Starter: See the previous entry.

  • Listening to: Comrades (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)
  • Watching: E3
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Eating: Chili Dog and Mint Candy
  • Drinking: Elixir Soup

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