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Chapter 1: Meeting Elvin

The team walked through the forest until they reached the dark blue waters with the bright lit center of Luminous Spring. The place itself was in the thick of the forest so even though it was the middle of the day the area looked like it was in the dark of night. The grass was also tall and thick around the lake, fed by the rainfall that the place gets.

When the three entered the clearing Eon told Axle and Shaymin, “Elvin told me he’d meet me first to help me get in the village.”

After telling them that, Eon stood forward and while she looked around for any sign of him she called out, “Elvin?! Are you here?!”

Her voice echoed off among the trees with no response.

“Uhh Eon…are you sure he’s here?” Shaymin asked as he looked around.

“He should be,” Eon answered, her head shifting to and fro. “This is where he said he’d meet me.”

“Did he give you a specific time?” Axle asked. He had his eyes closed as he was sensing the auras around him for any sign of life. “We might be either early or late.”

“I…he didn’t say any specific ti…”

“Someone’s coming,” Axle suddenly said, interrupting Eon. “Look at the trees towards the left corner.”

Axle opened his eyes and looked in that direction while Eon and Shaymin followed. When they concentrated in the direction Axle pointed out they could see the tiniest glint of silver shining out from within the trees. They still couldn’t see the shape but Axle and Shaymin immediately braced themselves for a possible enemy.

“Pretty impressive,” said a voice from that direction. “Not that I was trying to be unseen, but I still didn’t expect you to find me this fast. You’ve made some interesting friends, haven’t you Eon?”

Eon’s ears twitched at the familiarity of the voice. “Elvin!” Eon called out with a smile on her face.

“Elvin?!” Axle and Shaymin both asked at the same time.

A couple of seconds later Elvin popped out from between the trees with a glint in his step. Axle and Shaymin both gasped when they saw him. His shape was that like an eevee’s, however unlike the normally brown fur that coats that an eevee has, his was silver colored.  As he steadily walked through the forest his fur also shown in what little light there was.

“What in the world…” Axle asked breathlessly.

“You’re friends with a Shiny Pokémon?!” Shaymin exclaimed. “Lucky!”

“Shiny?” Axle asked. Eon looked back to him at that question and saw he was looking between Shaymin and Elvin with confused glances.

Elvin reached Eon’s side just as Eon started explaining. “Shiny Pokémon are the name for Pokémon with different colors than normal,” Eon explained. “So Pokémon like Elvin here. No one really knows how it happens or why, but we do know they’re very rare. Some Pokémon live their entire lives without ever seeing a Shiny Pokémon. Heck, Elvin here is the only Shiny Pokémon born to our tribe as far back as it goes.”

“I’m nothing too special though,” Elvin said. “My coat color is just a little different, that’s all.” Elvin nodded in Eon’s direction. “So…you brought your friends then.” They both glanced at each other for a couple seconds, a silent conversation going between them. A couple seconds later, Elvin said with a little hesitation at first. “…Are you going to introduce me to your friends Eon?”

Eon nodded back. She walked forward a couple of steps to get between Elvin and her teammates. She took a neutral position to see both of them before she spoke.

“Elvin, these are my teammates,” Eon said. “The riolu is my partner and best friend Axle.” Axle nodded his hello as he usually did. “And the shaymin is my teammate Shaymin. That’s all he goes by so…”

“What, Axle gets partner and I’m just stuck as that random teammate you picked up?” Shaymin asked with mock hurt. “Oh well, I guess I don’t get to be a part of your ‘special relationship’.”

“Uhh…should I ask?” Elvin asked.

“No…you really shouldn’t,” Eon answered in a bored and almost annoyed tone.

“Anyways, it’s nice to meet you Elvin,” Shaymin said. “Any old friend of Eon’s is a friend of ours, no problem.”

“So, you’re here to help Eon get back into her village?” Axle asked, getting straight to the point.

“That’s my hope anyways,” Elvin told Axle with a nod. “I’ll admit, it might be difficult for a number of reasons, chief among them being: the rules of the tribe do exist for a reason, and giving Eon lenience because of her status as a hero makes the rules seem weak. It invites the younger generation to go off and do the same, getting themselves hurt when they take on the world before they’re ready.”

“So then, I suppose you still think I should have stayed behind?” Eon asked, a slight bitterness in her tone.

Elvin sighed and turned to Eon. “I suppose you did prove yourself to be fine. Saving the world is a rather impressive feet for an unevolved eevee. Even if it was with help, that is still an impressive feat to be sure. Still, not everyone is you. Not every single eevee is able to accomplish the feats you were before you evolved.”

“Still…whether it was right or not for you to leave matters little now,” Elvin finished. “You did so and now you wish to return and as such, you have my full cooperation. I’m just stating that it might be difficult due to our rules.”

“I made a promise to watch your evolution ceremony,” Eon said. “So I don’t care what happens. I’m fulfilling my promise.”

“T-thanks for that, Eon,” Elvin said. He nodded. “Let’s go to the village then.”

Elvin walked off into the direction he came from and everyone else followed him. Axle and Eon stayed behind and followed him while Shaymin decided to fly up to Elvin. Elvin gave Shaymin a questioning glance which Shaymin responded with a smirk.

“So…where’s your whole village place hidden anyways?” Shaymin asked. “We’ve been to Mystifying Forest several times and I haven’t seen it.”

“Our village is on the opposite side of the path leading from Treasure Town to Luminous Spring,” Elvin explained. “So unless you guys decided to head through Mystifying Forest on your way back from an exploration, you probably wouldn’t have even come close to seeing us. Plus we sort of try to keep our village hidden.”

“Why?” Shaymin asked.

Elvin flinched. “It’s…hard to explain,” he said hesitantly. “Please…just don’t ask. I…really don’t want to talk about it.”

Shaymin looked back at Eon for clarification, but Eon just shook her head. “Sorry Shaymin,” Eon said. “They never told me the specifics and all Elvin told me is that I don’t want to know. I know as little about it as you do.”

“It probably does matter,” Axle chimed in. “After all, we’re outsiders. And you said before that outsiders aren’t really welcome in your village.”

Elvin stopped and looked back. “Yes, true,” he said with a nod. “I suppose I should explain about that before we reach the village. You need to know about this for when we end up meeting with the elder.”

“Explain what?” Shaymin asked.

“As Eon has probably told you, outsiders aren’t exactly welcome in our village,” Elvin explained. “Neither did I expect you guys to come here. I prepared the Elders that Eon was coming with me to talk to them but I never thought she would bring her teammates. This…makes things difficult. You should be fine, so long as you stick with me, but nobody is going to be happy when they see you. For the sake of not causing an argument or a fight, could both of you please only speak when spoke to, and maybe not even then, no matter what happens?”

Axle and Eon both glanced at Shaymin. “What?” Shaymin asked in a playful tone. “Since when was I ever the one to speak out of turn?”

“I’ll try but I make no promises,” Axle said, crossing his arms. “If Eon needs my help then I’ll help her. I won’t stay quiet if that happens.”

“You’ll help more being quiet,” Elvin said. “Trust me. But I guess I can’t stop you. Just please try.”

Axle reminded silent.

“Anyways, let’s keep moving,” Elvin said. “The village is really close. Just beyond those trees over there.”

Elvin pointed in the direction they were all heading and Shaymin immediately flew into the sky to take a look at the village. Everyone stayed where they were while they waited for the couple of seconds that it took for Shaymin to get back.

Once he flew back to us he said, “Yep, that’s a pretty well hidden village. And this is coming from a member of the Hidden Ninja Shaymin Tribe.”

“Hidden Ninja Shaymin…Tribe?” Elvin asked, dumbfounded by Shaymin’s description.

“Don’t ask,” Axle said quickly.

“Shaymin came from a village in the mountains that was buried behind an avalanche for a long time,” Eon explained. “So they were pretty much hidden from the world for a while. Also when we first heard of them, some of the Pokémon thought that shaymin were a tribe of ninjas since they were hidden.”

“Let’s keep going,” Axle said.

Elvin nodded back to Axle. “Right. Let’s go.”

They all continued on for a couple more seconds until the trees became much less dense. The trees were also much larger than usual and there were a few large stones as well that were scattered around the area as well. Along with that, there were dirt paths all along the forest, the only indication that this wasn’t an average forest.

“Well…we’re here,” Elvin said. “Welcome, Team Aura, to the Elemental Village of Mystifying Forest.”
Returning Home: Chapter 1
Next: Coming Soon

Hey look, chapter titles. About time I did stuff like that. I was never really that good at coming up with names for things, but I'll try my best. Plus I just like chapter titles because it gives you a sense of what you can expect for the coming chapter. So I'll use this to work on my naming. Should be interesting.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, and Spike Chunsoft.
The bright morning sun lifted over a small cliffside area shaped like a shark-like Pokémon known as Sharpedo. It was early in the morning and very quiet and most Pokémon were still asleep. Even the guild-members from the guild at the other side of a small town were still asleep. So it was strange when a small, brown, fox-like Pokémon climbed out from under the top of the cliff with her blue scarf on and treasure bag as if she was going on an exploration.

When the eevee walked out of the hole in the ground she immediately closed her eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the cool breeze contrasting with the warm spring air across her fur. After enjoying that for a couple of seconds she moved on. She walked a couple of seconds before looking back at the entrance with a worried expression. She continued looking at it, as if she was having difficulty tearing her gaze away from it. The eevee eventually shook her head before walking onto the dirt path to the side of where their entrance is until she reached the edge of the cliff. She took once more look at the hole in the ground before turning her gaze back to the wide ocean that expanded below and beyond the cliff.

“Hmm…I don’t know,” the eevee mumbled to herself. “Should I, or should I wake up my friends and tell them?”

“Should you what?”

“Leave alone,” the eevee answered as she faced whoever made the question with a groggy glance. “I don’t know whether I want my teammates joining me on something or not.”

“Then telling me that might not be a good idea, ‘least till you’ve thought it over.”

The eevee’s eyes snapped open wide as she realized who she was talking to. She finally saw clearly the figure in front of her. It was a white Pokémon that had the shape of a deer. Its hair was green and it also had green at the bottom of its paws. Finally it had a red scarf around its neck that stuck out at the same point it had a couple of pink flower pedals attached to its neck.

“Shaymin!” the eevee exclaimed.

“Eon!” Shaymin yelled in response. “Now that we’re done establishing our names, what are you up to?”

Eon’s ears lowered and her face fell, almost as if she was a child caught in a lie. “N-nothing,” she said.

“Nothing huh?” Shaymin asked. “Wait, let me guess.” Shaymin smirked before saying, “You’ve got a secret mate huh? You sneaky little fox. I see your game. You just don’t want to break Axle’s heart, huh?”

Eon gave him an unamused glance. “Really Shaymin? You had to go there?”

“And you shouldn’t have expected anything else!” Shaymin said, proudly lifting his head up as he did. “But seriously, I get that your business is your business and if there’s something you’ve got to do alone then you can. I’m perfectly ok with that. But you don’t have to act so secretive about it. Axle and I are your friends so you can feel free to tell us anything.”

“I have something I might need to deal with alone,” Eon said. “Just…give me some time to think about it.”

Eon turned back to look over the cliff, going back into her thoughts. However as soon as she turned Shaymin said, “Alright, fine. But if you really are going alone, be sure to tell your parents I said ‘hi’.”

Eon blanched and nearly fell off the cliff. She turned around and looked at Shaymin with a surprised expression. From what little she could see of Shaymin’s face she could see he had a smirk.

“Wha…how did you know?!” Eon yelled.

Shaymin turned around to look at the eevee. “Wait, so I was right!?” Shaymin asked. “Cool!”

“Well?” Eon asked.

“I just guessed,” Shaymin admitted. “I mean, the only thing we don’t know about you is your family so if there’s something you’re hiding, I figured that’s a good guess. Didn’t think I was actually right but…”

“Alright, fine,” Eon said as she rolled her eyes. “Yes, I’m thinking of visiting my family. Possibly alone.”

“So, since I know that, would you mind telling me why you might not want me or Axle following you when you visit your family?” Shaymin asked. “I’m sure we both wouldn’t mind visiting your folks with you.”

“It’s…” Eon trailed off and looked down. “It’s hard to explain really.”

“Well you could start from the beginning,” said a very familiar voice to Eon.

Eon looked past Shaymin until she saw who she thought she heard. A riolu was standing at the entrance, his blue goggles snuggly on his forehead and his arms crossed. Eon jumped back and nearly tripped over herself when she saw him. “Ahh Axle!” Eon yelled.

Axle nodded. “Eon,” he said. “What’s going on?”

“It’s…well…” Eon closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened them again she said, “Alright, even if I do decide to go it alone, I should still tell you. Come on you guys, let’s head back inside. I have something to show you.”

Eon walked past Shaymin and Axle and went back down the steps to the base. When she got in she walked across the rocky ground until she reached a small wooden table in the middle of three beds that were set down in a triangular pattern on the base floor. With her mouth she reached into her bag and grabbed out a letter from her bag, which she preceded to place on the table. Axle and Shaymin both came down after her and surrounded the table.

“So what is this?” Shaymin asked.

“This is a letter from an old friend of mine named Elvin,” Eon said. “He’s an eevee from the village I come from.”

“What did he say?” Axle asked.

“He…wants me to be at his Evolution Ceremony,” Eon said with a sad sigh.

Axle looked directly at Eon with a questioning glance. “Evolution Ceremony?” Axle questioned. “What exactly is that? Something eevee do?”

Eon looked at Axle and nodded. “Yeah exactly,” Eon said. “You see, I used to belong to a village of eevee that lived in a part of Mystifying Forest, just outside of the mystery dungeon portion. We’re a small tribe filled with all sorts of Eeveelutions. It’s the only place where you can find almost every Eeveelution living in one place and they are all there for one reason.”

“Luminous Spring, right?” Shaymin asked. “The place where all Pokémon go to evolve.”

“I guess it make sense then,” Axle mused.

“Anyways,” Eon continued, looking back at the letter, “the Evolution Ceremony is a ceremony that takes place when one of the eevee born to the village are ready for evolution. Usually what happens is the eevee will first go out on a journey through the forest to find the Evolution item they need. Once they gain it they’ll bring it back to one of the elders and the ceremony can begin.”

“The ceremony is similar to how most evolutions go in the lake, only the eevee’s friends, family, and the village elders all watch it happen as well. Plus the eevee will usually make a sort of speech about what they plan on doing with their new evolution. It’s at that point that the Pokémon will either stay or leave the village.”

“And you want to watch your friend’s Evolution Ceremony,” Shaymin finished for her. “So what’s the problem?”

“I broke the village’s rule,” Eon confessed finally. “I broke the village’s rule. Because of that, I’m exiled from entering the village ever again. I…knew that might happen but…”

“Start from the beginning,” Axle suggested before Eon broke down into rambling. “What exactly happened?”

Eon looked to Axle for strength before she explained what happened.

“As you both know, I used to be very timid. I had a hard time working up the courage to do anything really. At the same time though I dreamed about being able to go off and explore. I dreamed about not being so afraid and exploring throughout the world, discovering new things, and help Pokémon out on the way. I wanted it more than anything.

At the same time though, our village has a rule. We, as eevee, aren’t allowed to leave the village until we are deemed strong enough, and not allowed to leave the forest until we evolve.

The problem was my timid nature always got in the way. I couldn’t explore the area around our village where we were allowed to go, I didn’t have the nerve to challenge other villagers to a fight, there was just no way for me to gain experience. So at the rate I was going I would never be able to evolve and leave the village.

Now, due to Explorers frequently visiting Luminous Spring I heard about Wigglytuff’s Guild. I wasn’t supposed to, since we’re not supposed to talk with Pokémon outside our village, but I did. When I heard about it, I wanted more than anything to join Wigglytuff’s Guild since I was sure that joining the guild would help me become more courageous. But Mom, Dad, the elders, almost everyone didn’t think I’d make it. They didn’t want me going there because they thought the training would be too hard on me. Even Elvin wanted me to wait a bit before I tried.

I didn’t want to wait and get stronger though, since I knew I never was going to by just staying in the forest. So one night…I just left. I left the forest behind and went to Treasure Town, never looking back.”

Shaymin chuckled when he heard that. “Wow,” he said. “You actually ran away from home? I never would have thought you’d have it in you!”

Axle glared at him before glancing at Eon. “Not to agree with Shaymin completely, but I’m surprised you did that too. Weren’t you the one who always said you were too timid?”

“I was too timid!” Eon said desperately. “I should have stood my ground! I should have told them that I was going! I should have at least tried to talk it out with my parents or the elders! But no…” Eon’s head lowered and her ears flopped. “I was too big of a chicken. I was too afraid that they would just reject me outright and that would be it. I was afraid they’d actively try to keep me from leaving. So…I ran away like the chicken I was.”

Axle opened his mouth to argue against it but Eon noticed him and cut him off. “No, don’t say anything Axle. Don’t even try to argue against it. I was a chicken. You and I both know that. And because of how big of a chicken I was, I’m exiled from my home. And now I might not be able to see one of my best friends at the most important time of their life.”

Eon lifted her head back up and the glint of determination shone in her eyes. “But not anymore! I’ve grown a lot stronger since that day, back in the forest! I’m not the timid eevee I used to be and I am going back to my village to make things right!”

Axle took it in for a few seconds before nodding. “Alright, I think I understand the situation now,” Axle said. “I just have one more question for you. What part of this is making you unsure about whether to bring Shaymin or me? Is it something you just have to do alone?”

“Sort of…” Eon looked between her teammates. “It’s…really hard to explain. I just…I feel like since this is my home and my friend, I should be the one going to fix things. Plus, my village really doesn’t like outsiders so…”

“Alright, fine then,” Axle said with a soft smile as he crossed his arms. “I understand. There are some things in life you just have to do alone. We’re fine with that.”

“I’m glad you guys understand but…” Eon paused for a second and thought about a few things. “I decided…I want you guys to come with me.”

Axle and Shaymin both looked at Eon with surprise. “Are you sure?” Axle asked. “You don’t have to bring us. We’re fine waiting here for your return.”

“Yes, I am sure,” Eon said. She took a step back in order to see both Axle and Shaymin. “Axle, it’s thanks to you that I became as brave as I am and Shaymin, you are my teammate. We’re friends so I should share my problems with you. There are things there that I will have to do alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come with me to back me up. That’s what friends are for.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Shaymin said, though as usual Eon couldn’t tell whether he was joking or serious. Probably both.

Axle just nodded. “Alright then,” he said. “When the time comes we’ll let you do what you need to do. But we’ll be sure to accompany you.”

“Thanks you guys,” Eon said. “Anyways, let’s go. Elvin’s Evolution Ceremony will happen soon and I don’t want to miss it.”

Shaymin and Axle both nodded and the three of them started on their way to the forest.
Returning Home: Prologue
Chapter 1: (Coming soon)

Well here we are. Welcome to my next fanfic. This one serves two purposes: my backstory for Explorers of Sky's Partner and to introduce a new character (no points for guessing who). So this is going to be a fun one. After all, it took me like a year and a half to finish.

No, I'm not even kidding. I started working on this sometime in January. Of last year. I started this before I started Tragic Decision (which is why certain events that happened in that story haven't happened in this one yet). But I faced block after block when trying to write this one. I went entire months where I just wasn't able to get a chapter done.

Oh well, at least it's done now and just needs to go through the editing floor. 

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, and Spike Chunsoft
A new image for Sun and Moon came out. Not only is it now confirmed that trainers will be behind their Pokemon during battle, but there will even occasionally be spectators to the battle. Even though Colosseum and XD did it first, it's nice to see the main series games finally reach that graphical quality. 
So (since dA seems to be working now) I might as well mention, I'm finally done with finals week. Gonna take the rest of this week to recover, but I should be more active starting next week. With any luck, a new story should be out by then too.


United States
Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

My stories:

Sonic Stories:

Tails of Dreams…
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Pokemon Fanfics:

PMD: Storms Adventures (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Shadow Warriors (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Tragic Decision:
Current Status: Finished

Returning Home:…
Current Status: In Progress

Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
Current status: Canceled (unless inspiration strikes hard)

The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
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Fighting a Friend's Darkness: (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Harmonious Sky Vs Chaotic Darkness (Sonic/Pokemon/MLP Crossover):…
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The Vines that Bind (Sonic/MLP Crossover):…
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MLP Fanfics:

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The Letters that Drew them Together: oneshot

Fight for Flight…
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Withered and Blooming:…
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Strength through the Storm: Oneshot

Keeping Secrets:…
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What's Lost and Found in the Everfree Forest: Oneshot

Growth through the Thorn:…
Current Status: Complete

Rebirth: Oneshot

I Hope you're Happy with Her:…
Current Status: Complete

Blooming Travels:…
Current Status: Finished

Making it Up to Her: Oneshot

The Games we Used to Play: Oneshot

A Weighted Choice:…
Current Status: In progress

The Truth from a Parent: Oneshot

Sitting For Attention: Oneshot

Parenthood: Oneshot

Rumbling Doubts:…
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Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
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First off, took them dang well long enough. Seriously, let's announce the game and not give any information about it for like two months. Great idea. Don't know why we didn't get this earlier, but whatever. At least it's here now.

Anyways, we have our new region now. The Alola region based on Hawaii. So this is the third region based on the USA, with Orre being based on Arizona (I took a trip there once and actually saw the mountains Mt Battle was based on) and Unova being based on New York (again, went there too and saw the area Castelia City was based on from a cruse ship. It was actually nice seeing that). Should be interesting. Aesthetically, I really like tropical regions. IGN is going to hate the region, but I won't. It already looks pretty interesting, so I hope to see more.

Speaking of aesthetics, they've really upped their graphical style a bit since Gen 6. Now everyone on the overworld are sporting the same models that were used by some of the trainers during ta battle instead of the slightly smaller models that were previously used in the overworld. Not only that, but if the gameplay is to be believed, trainers will now stand behind their Pokemon during battle, like what Colosseum and XD did. If this is all true, that means all NPC trainers will have models instead of 2D cutouts portraits that appear before battle, something I really didn't like about Gen 6 (especially coming off of Gen 5 where every trainer had an animation before sending out their Pokemon). So that should be good.

Next, we've got the reveal of the starters. Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio. Rowlett itself is the second duel-typed starter we had in the entire starter lineup, the first being Bulbasaur all the way back in Gen 1. It's a Grass/Flying type, which means it will hate Ice and Steel types with a passion. That's pretty cool, but I already have my Grass/Flying Skymin whenever I need something of that type. 

As for me, I'm on Team Litten. If my...current favorites being taken over by Litten pictures wasn't any indication. Anyways, as for the Pokemon itself, a lot of people are expecting it to become Fire/Dark thanks to it's Black and Red coloring, which I agree is probably going to happen. However, I don't know, maybe it's just me but...I think this thing might become Fire/Dragon. I don't know what's giving me that feeling, but my gut instinct says it's going to eventually end up part Dragon Type. I could always be wrong and probably will be wrong, but it's just a thought. Anyways, should a 7th Gen Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game come out, I'm picking this thing as my Partner. Not sure which starter to go along with it yet, but whatever. 

And yes, my thoughts when I saw the Starters did shoot to which one I'd choose in a PMD game. I am such a fanboy.

Finally, Popplio seems to be the underdog of the group. Everyone loves Rowlett and Litten definitely has it's fans, but Popplip seems to be neglected, aside from the minority that do really like him. As for me...meh. It has grown on me, but I'm not too big of a fan of clowns or seals so...meh. I just hope it doesn't become Water/Ice because then it will constantly be compared to Seel. Granted I have no doubts it will be better than Dewgong in it's final evolution, but it will still be compared to that. I've heard some speculate Water/Fairy, and I'm all for that. Sounds interesting honestly. 

We also finally got a look at the two Legendaries, Name-Not-Given and Even-Though-It's-Probably-The-Leaked-names. The Sun Legendary is a lion with a sun shaped mane while the Moon Legendary is a bat with moon shaped wings. They're...interesting. I don't have a particular preference for either one. If I had my guess though, I'd bet money theMoon Legendary is going to be Fairy/Flying. It just fits too well. Not sure about the Sun Legendary though. I think the Sun Legendary is going to probably be part Fire, considering Sun, but I'm not sure. I'm even less sure on a secondary type. Maybe Fairy as well, but I'm not positive on that. 

And that's all we've gotten so far. Unfortunately, we don't know any other Gen 7 Pokemon (because CoroCoro apparently believes that mentioning a big scoop is coming next month is the big scoop for next month), nor do we know if there are going to be new Megas or any other new gameplay mechanics. Should be interesting to see, though, and I can't wait for more news. Maybe CoroCoro will actually reveal something before the game comes out. 
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I've heard about that. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, a part of the dislike of that episode comes from the fact that Death Battle went against their research team (who thought Bowser would win) and chose Ganon as winner. 

Which I can't really disagree with that much. Now Bowser is really sturdy, "Super Lava" notwithstanding (which, if you're curious, only exists because Mario has no continuity therefore Bowser will survive or not survive lava depending on the plot). Bowser has been shown to take intense blows before and survive. However Ganon can only be killed by Holy weapons. Beyond that, Bowser can't do anything against him. So unless Bowser has something Holy Elemental that I don't know of (which is certainly possible, as I don't know every asset of the Mario universe), Ganon can't be killed by him. So it was one sided from the word go.

Everything else though, is kinda meh for me. I did get a chuckle at the tennis portion, but neither Ganon nor Bowser really got the chance to use much of their arsenal (Bowser still had Giga Bowser and Meowser + Double Cherry while Ganon didn't even use his swords), and Ganon just looked awkward when he appeared (and he only appeared for all of five seconds so...meh). On the technical aspects, I can see where the dislike comes from.
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Believe it or not the dislike came from not Mario/Bowser fans, but the complaints against the research stating that only holy weapons can kill Ganon. In which fans have complained that if Goku, Superman, Saitama, and a bunch universal or multiversal-leveled OP characters were to go against Ganon, he would win because none had a "holy weapon."

So the fans were acting like playground kids arguing who would win. The best I could do is humor them with the Silver Bullet argument in this Robot Chicken skit.

I didn't really root for either of them. I only wanted to see the Giga Bowser form and see how Ganon could've handled it better than in Melee at Very Hard difficulty.
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Thank you very much for adding my latest picture to your favourites~ ^^
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You're welcome. Honesty, it's something I should have done a long time ago, but either thought I already had or, when I realized I didn't, constantly forgot to do so. But better late then never I suppose. 
Would you say that this list of State Pokemon is accurate?…

For California, I can say "totally" in the present day and somewhat in the past since we get one day of snow in at least a decade.
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Some of them are a little exaggerated. On the Pokemon side I mean. Not sure about the state side though. 
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Alright, then about your designated State?
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