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Chapter 5: Elvin's Reasons

With searching through Town Hall being a bust, Axle and Eon continued their walk through town to find any clue as to the village’s fear of outsiders. The two of them decided to search around the border of the town this time, in hopes of finding some clue as to where the secrets for why that is lies. So they went towards the southern border and walked counterclockwise around the village.

“Find anything yet Axle?” Eon asked as they walked.

“No, unfortunately nothing,” Axle answered. He kept moving his head to and fro as they walked, making sure not to miss even the slightest detail. “I can’t seem to find any sign of a secret passage here. Nothing out of the ordinary, aside from how silent it is.”

“Hey, if you want a break from the silence, I can help!” a loud, familiar voice from up on high rang out.

Axle and Eon both looked to the tree-covered sky above to see Shaymin flying straight from the leaves down to their level as quickly as possible. Shaymin did a backflip a couple of inches before touching the ground before he landed. Once Shaymin finally landed, he gave both Axle and Eon a smile.

“Axle and Eon, it’s nice to see you two this morning!” Shaymin said after he was done with his routine.

“Hey Shaymin, it’s good to see you too,” Eon said. “What have you been up to this morning?”

“Oh, I’ve just been here, there, everywhere,” Shaymin said.

As Shaymin was explaining Elvin appeared from behind the trees behind Shaymin and ran up to where the group was. When the silver eevee got there he immediately collapsed to the ground with his eyes closed and panted. “You…have…got…to…stop…moving,” Elvin managed to choke out.

“Elvin?” Eon asked.

Elvin took a couple of seconds to catch his breath before he got up and finally was able to talk to Eon. “Hi Eon,” Elvin said. “Sorry we had to meet today like this.”

“What exactly are you two doing?” Axle asked.

“Oh the usual,” Shaymin said with his large smile still on his face.

“The usual being…?” Axle asked, though he immediately thought better of it. “Never mind. I probably don’t want to know.”

“It was nothing to worry about,” Elvin said. “He was merely joining me in searching for the two of you. After…disrupting a couple of villagers.”

“I wouldn’t call it ‘disrupting’,” Shaymin told Elvin.

“You tried to match two of the villagers together!” Elvin said. “And one of the two you did already had a mate! And in fact was Eon’s mom!”

“You did what with my mom?!” Eon asked.

“Hey, it’s hard to tell some of you guys apart!” Shaymin said, holding his paws up in the air in his defense. “There are like five vaporeon here and three of them are girls! How was I supposed to figure out the one I talked to was Myst?!”

“You could have asked,” Elvin said. “Or tried not to bother the villagers. But I suppose it can’t be helped. What’s done is done. Try to be a bit more courteous to the villagers in the future though. You’re not helping your own case. Try acting a bit more like you acted to Eon’s parents last night.”

“Hey, I apologized afterword,” Shaymin said. “And it could have been worse. At least it was Myst instead of some other random villager.”

“True…I guess,” Elvin said.

“So Shaymin being Shaymin,” Axle said. “What about you Elvin?”

“I was tasked by the elders this morning to keep an eye on you three,” Elvin explained. “Unfortunately Shaymin would not sit still and we missed your awakening. So we’ve been searching for the both of you.”

“Should we tell them we were right under the elders’ noses?” Axle whispered to Eon without changing posture.

Eon chuckled but didn’t answer him.

“So the elders want to watch us,” Axle said out loud, his arms crossing and a frown on his face.

“It’s not for the reason you’re thinking,” Elvin quickly backtracked. “They just wanted me to keep an eye on you, not stop you from doing anything or something like that. Not all of the elders hate you guys. I mean yeah, there are a few that don’t like you (my mother being among them) but most are indifferent to you at least.”

Axle still looked at Elvin skeptically.

“So…what have you guys been doing all morning,” Elvin asked, trying to change the subject as fast as he could.

“We’ve been searching for secrets,” Axle said. “Secrets as to why this town hates outsiders. Since you seem to not want to tell us.”

“Oh…you want to know about that…” Elvin said, his head and ears lowering.

“Yeah,” Eon said with a nod. “We’re trying to figure out why the villagers are so afraid of outsiders. Why we’ve always been told that outsiders are bad. That way we can help them understand that we’re not all bad. Elvin…can you please help us? We need to know.”

“Listen you guys…I can understand why you’d want to know. If someone was afraid of or hated me I’d want to know why too. But…” Elvin shook his head. “Eon, I’m sorry but there is a reason why they don’t tell us until we’re older. There is a reason why I haven’t told you. There’s especially a reason why I don’t want to tell you now.”

Eon defiantly faced away from Elvin. “Fine, don’t tell us then,” she said. “I guess we’ll just have to keep looking on our own. Come on Axle, Shaymin.”

“Naw, I’ll leave you two to continue on your date,” Shaymin said. “I’ll stick here with little Elvin.”

Eon rolled her eyes and started walking off. Axle followed along behind her without saying anything at all. Before the two of them got too far though, Elvin quickly ran up to the both of them.

“Wait, I’m just trying to protect you from something you don’t want to know!” Elvin called out.

Eon continued on as if Elvin didn’t say anything. Axle on the other hand, stopped. The riolu looked back at Elvin while his friend continued walking off.

“Eon is stronger than you know,” Axle said before running off to catch up with the female eevee.


Elvin stood there, watching as Eon and Axle walked off without him. The silver eevee felt a tug in his heart to go after the two but Axle’s words and Eon’s actions forced him back. So all he could do was watch as the two went off without him.

“Am I wrong?” Elvin asked himself. “Is it wrong for me to want to keep the information from her? Is it wrong for me to want to protect her?”

“I guess it sorta depends,” Shaymin said from behind him. Elvin turned around to look at the gratitude Pokémon.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘it sorta depends’,” Elvin asked.

“What’s got you so scared about telling Eon anyways?” Shaymin asked instead of directly answering Elvin’s question. “I know you don’t want to tell us about what happened, but can you at least explain why you don’t want Eon to know? What happened when you learned about it?”

Elvin looked away with a pained look on his face. “I’ll…admit the information came to me at a bad time,” Elvin said. “It’s…you might want to sit down for this.”

Shaymin sat down a few feet away from Elvin and the eevee himself sat down as well. Elvin looked to the floor and thought for a few seconds before he began his story.


It was...nearly two years ago if memory serves me correctly. Spring was just about to end and summer was around the corner so most of us were in the midst of planning our summer activities since our tutorships would be over for the summer. Some of us would take parts in battles, some of us would find some sort of sport, and Eon, I, and a few others would usually spend our summers studying.

Around that time I noticed something strange when it came to Eon. She normally had few friends and kept to herself a lot anyways, but she became even more secluded as of late. I knew that she had been previously shot down, by both the elders and her parents, on the idea of going to Treasure Town to join the local guild, so that’s what I thought was wrong with her. I figured she would get over it eventually and wait until she evolves before leaving the village like most of us do.

It was also at that point in time that my tutor, Elder Umbreon, decided to tell me about what happened in our past and why outsiders aren’t allowed inside the village. It was a boon only given to me thanks to my station as the offspring of an Elder. We were inside his home at the time, away from prying eevee ears.

“…And so, that’s what happened in our past,” Elder Umbreon finished off that evening. “Now that you know, Elvin, please refrain from telling anyone else. Your friends will learn when it’s their time and I don’t want them feeling like you got special permission.”

I was silent, my head lowered to the ground in though. I wasn’t really listening to him, instead I was lost in my thoughts. My tutor eventually noticed my hesitation so he walked from his resting spot closer to me. It took me a bit before I finally looked up at him.

“Elvin?” Elder Umbreon asked.

“S-sorry sir, I was just lost in thought,” I told him.

“It’s a natural reaction,” Elder Umbreon said. “Many others had the same reaction when they first learned about our past. Don’t let it harm your perception though. While we fear outsiders, what happened wasn’t necessarily their fault. Rather, it was a combination of our naivety and their overzealousness. It was a tragic event to be sure though, and has shaped how we live.”

“I…guess,” I said, but in all honesty I completely missed what he said. I just wanted to go home and think things over. “May…may I go home now Elder Umbreon?”

“Yes, you may,” Elder Umbreon said with a breath. “This is heavy stuff for someone as young as you. You should go home and rest. Should you need it, I will always lend an ear to your trouble.”

“Thanks you,” I said with a bow. I respectfully walked out of Elder Umbreon’s tree home, but as soon as I got out and he could no longer see me, I ran home as fast as my paws could carry me. I didn’t care who saw me, I felt the need to get to the security of my home as fast as possible.

I reached home and went immediately to my room. From there I barely remember what happened for a while after that. I didn’t fall asleep, per say, but I almost feel like I lost consciousness of the reality around me.

I regained awareness of my surroundings thanks to a familiar voice calling my name.

“Elvin? Are you ok?”

“Ah, Eon,” I said. I shook my head till I finally regained awareness of my surroundings. I looked around and realized that it was well into the night. “What are you doing here so late?” I asked her.

“I…I uhh.” Eon took a step back in embarrassment and her cheeks were red. “I…well…”

“It’s alright Eon,” I told her, trying to comfort whatever she wanted to say out of her.

“I…want to be an explorer,” Eon whispered to me.

I sighed. “Yeah, I heard,” I said. “I’m sorry the elders shot you down on that. But at least they told you that they’d allow you when you evolve. So you just have to wait a bit before going.”

Eon shook her head. “No Elvin, I want to be an explorer now,” she said, a bit louder but still not above a whisper. “I can’t wait for when I evolve. Elvin, you and I both know that I’m too scared to do a lot of things. What if I’m still too scared when it comes time for me to search for my evolution item? What if I never evolve?”

Eon shook her head once again. “I’m going to go to Treasure Town and join the famous Wigglytuff Guild. I’m going to go exploring and maybe find some confidence along the way. I…think if I go out and see this world, I might become stronger. Less timid. So I’m leaving. This year, before the summer ends. Possibly in a couple of days if I can pack enough.”

This couldn’t have come at a worse time. I was mortified when Eon said that, so much so that I couldn’t even respond. What was even worse was what she said after that.

“I want you to come with me Elvin,” Eon said. “The most famous explorers will usually form teams and I want to as well. So will you come with me Elvin? We can go off, see the world, learn some new things. And maybe even…”

Eon shifted around a bit until she held out her old Relic Fragment in her paws. The one who’s design is currently on her blue scarf. “You remember this thing right? My Relic Fragment? Nobody in this village knows anything about it. Nobody knows anything. But it has to unlock some sort of secret. I want us to discover that secret. I know we can do it!” Eon put the Relic Fragment back. “So Elvin, please. Please! Will you run away and form a team with me?”

It took me a couple seconds to respond; both because I was still mortified about what she suggested and because I wanted to talk her out of it. After attempting to choose my words carefully I decided to finally talk for the night.

“Yes Eon, I would be happy to form a team with you,” I said, “however, I agree with the elders on this one. I think that we should wait until we evolve. I mean, that’s the rule of the village and rules exist for a reason. When we both evolve though, I’ll be happy to form an exploration team with you.”

Eon looked despondent. “Elvin,” she said. She looked back up at me. “I told you before, I can’t wait. I’m the weakest one of us. I need to get stronger and I think the guild training will help. Besides, what do the rules matter anyways? They never explain why we shouldn’t leave the village or why we should be afraid of outsiders. I’ve read about the accomplishments Pokémon who were eevee did. Like there’s the eevee Vui herself helped save the world with a team. I might not be able to carry that kind of legacy, but I at least want to be out there.”

“Eon, if the elders want us to stay here until we evolve then who are we to question it?” I asked, much more sharply. I was losing control of myself at this point and I didn’t think as rationally as usual. The only thoughts I had were to keep Eon from leaving. “They obviously had a reason for doing what they did. We should just trust in that reason. I know you’re worried about your strength and eager to get out there and explore, but if the elders want us to wait then we should respect their decision.”

“Be honest with me. You don’t think I can make it either, do you?” Eon asked.

“Not right now, but perhaps later…” I started, but I wasn’t able to finish.

Eon turned around and walked away. “Fine,” she told me. “Don’t go with me then. I’ll go on my own. I’ll show you all that I can make it just fine out there.”

That was the last I saw of her. She left that night instead of in a couple of days like she planned to.


“Well…I’ll admit she proved me wrong,” Elvin finished. “However, I wish things hadn’t gone this way. Despite how things did end up going in the end, I still wish that she had stayed, that she didn’t feel the need to run away. Both her parents and I were worried about her the moment she disappeared. You couldn’t imagine both the surprise and relief we felt when we heard that she was fine.”

“So the reason why I don’t want to tell Eon what happened? Because of how badly it affected me. I’m worried about how it’ll affect her. I wasn’t able to think rationally because of what I learned and I made the greatest mistake of my life. I don’t want her to go through the same thing until she’s older. The Elders were right to want to keep this from us until we evolve.”

“So, that’s your reason then?” Shaymin asked, his voice mostly neutral. “You want to protect her from the demons of the past. Is that it?”

“At least until she evolves,” Elvin said with a nod. “Then I’d be happy to tell her, or her parents could as well. But until then…”

“Alright, but I just have one question,” Shaymin said. “I get that you don’t want to tell her until you think she’s ready. I can understand that reasoning, sure. But just one thing. Does evolution really have anything to do with maturity? Just because Eon is still an eevee, does that really mean she’s not ready to learn the truth of this place’s past? It’s like Axle said: ‘Eon is stronger than you know.’ She’s…been through a lot and carries a lot of weight on her shoulders.”

“So you do think I’m wrong then?” Elvin asked, his ears lowering and his head facing to the ground.

“Yes…and no,” Shaymin said. “I understand you Elvin. You’re a protector. You want to keep Pokémon you care for safe, both physically and mentally. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some Pokémon need a protector like you. But Eon’s not a Pokémon that wants to be kept safe and coddled from the world. She wants to explore the world and discover all of its secrets, both the good and the bad. And she wants someone next to her to help her through that.”

“So, you want me to tell her?” Elvin asked.

“Tell her or don’t tell her, that’s your choice, but don’t let the reason you’re keeping the information from her be for her protection,” Shaymin answered. “I’ll leave you with that.”

Shaymin gave Elvin a one-eyed smirk. “I’ve got myself a date to listen in on. How long do you think I can stay hidden without them noticing me?”

After that, Shaymin took off the ground running and flew into the air. Elvin looked into the air with his mouth hanging open. “Did…Shaymin just flip from being serious to…that?” Elvin asked. “I…” he shook his head. “Never mind. I have more important things to focus on at the moment.”

“‘Eon is stronger than you know.’ ‘Don’t let my reason for keeping the truth from her be her protection.’ I…don’t know what to make of that.” Elvin shook his head. “I can emphasize with her wanting to know the truth, but she doesn’t understand the weight of what that truth is or how it affects her position now. If she were to hear I fear how she could react. So…”

Then Elvin remembered Shaymin’s words. Eon’s…been through a lot and carries a lot of weight on her shoulders.

No, I should stop,
Elvin thought. Stop and realize something. Eon has changed. That much should be evident if I just stopped looking at her like that shy girl I knew her as. Her willingness to vocalize her thoughts should be evident of that. The Eon I knew wouldn’t have told off all the elders like she did.

…I have decided. I need more information before I can fully decide whether to confide this secret to her. And I know where to get that information.

The picture of the riolu he saw with her flashed through Elvin’s mind before he turned in the direction Eon and Axle ran and sprinted after them.
Returning Home: Chapter 5
This chapter is brought to you by my broken T key on my keyboard. In case you were wondering why it took so long to get it up.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, and Spike Chunsoft. 
Chapter 4: First Inquires

The morning light shone into Axle’s room in Leif’s house, waking him up. Axle immediately noticed when he got up that Elvin and Shaymin, who were sleeping in the same room, both weren’t there anymore. The riolu decided it wasn’t worth worrying about immediately though and got up and stretched before opening the door and walking out of his room. When he did he noticed Eon also walking out of her room. The eevee looked tired, but otherwise fine.

“Hey Eon,” Axle said. “Morning.”

“Morning Axle,” Eon said. “Where’s Elvin and Shaymin.”

“Not here,” Axle answered. “Where they are…I don’t honestly know. If I had my guess though, Shaymin is probably terrorizing the villagers and Elvin is trying to stop him.”

Eon chuckled. “Yeah, that sounds like them.”

Axle nodded. “I suppose that leaves us on our own today. So, what do you want to do? I suppose we could try to talk to the villagers but considering the looks they gave us yesterday well…I don’t think that’ll be easy.”

Eon nodded sadly. “Yeah, sorry about that,” she said. “Since my childhood, and probably before that, we’ve always been so xenophobic. ‘If an outsider comes you are to ignore them! Do not let them talk to you at all costs!’ That’s one of the first things we learn in class. Since I left, I’m also considered an outsider so I can’t help much either.”

“Yeah, that would put a damper on things,” Axle said, crossing his arms. “It’s going to be hard to get an entire village’s trust if the village itself isn’t very trusting. I suppose if we knew why the villagers hated outsiders that might help but…you mentioned you don’t know, right?”

“Yeah,” Eon grunted. “We’re not taught that until we evolve. Elvin’s the only exception.”

Axle’s arms fell to his side and he looked intently at Eon. “Think we could get it out of him?” the riolu asked.

“Pfft, I wish,” Eon said. “I tried that already. …Granted, it was a few years ago, but I don’t think he’ll tell us now either. He mostly follows the village’s rules and he was told not to tell anyone until they evolve like the rest of the village learns.”

Eon grunted and slammed a paw into the ground. “I wish he’d just tell us though! Make an exception for us or something! I mean, he wants us to be integrated into the village anyways, so why be so secretive about it! If he wants the rest of the villagers to trust us, then he should actually help!”

Axle placed a paw on Eon’s shoulder to stop her tirade. Eon looked up, realized what she was doing, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. When she was done, Axle stepped back to his original position.

“Thanks Axle, you’re right,” Eon said. “I really shouldn’t lose my cool like that. It’s just…this was my home. Even if I’m going to be spending most of my time exploring, I’d still like to come visit my home every once in a while.”

“We’re not positive that Elvin won’t tell us anyways,” Axle said. “After all, as you said it has been a few years and Elvin might be more willing now. We shouldn’t rely on him, but if we happen to see him well…”

“Yeah, but what else can we do?” Eon asked.

She closed her eyes and thought for a few seconds until her eyes snapped open with realization. “Axle, we’re explorers!” Eon announced to the world.

“Really?” Axle asked without changing his vocal inflections. “Is that what we’ve been doing this entire time? Good to know.”

Eon rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean. It’s our job to explore the world and discover its secrets. We can do the same here. Let’s look around and try and see if we can find out what happened to this village on our own!”

“On our own huh?” Axle asked, crossing his arms again. “Where do you recommend we search first?”

“Where else? Town hall!” Eon said. “If there hiding anything anywhere, it’d be in town hall!”

“Hmm…not a bad idea,” Axle said. “We’re going to have to hope that the Elders aren’t there, but beyond that Town hall would be a decent place to look.”

“Well let’s go then!” Eon said. “It’s time for Exploration Team Aura to find the secrets of this village!”


Axle and Eon walked up to town hall, but stopped before the big tree. Eon nodded to Axle and Axle stepped up to the tree, closed his eyes, held out his right paw, and his aura tassels lifted up. Axle stopped there like that for a few seconds, sensing the tree with his aura. Eventually his tassels fell back down to his sides and Axle looked at Eon.

“The tree’s empty,” Axle said. “We’re free to go in and check it out.”

“Did you notice anything else about it?” Eon asked.

“No, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there,” Axle said. “We should head on inside and check it out regardless.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Eon said.

Axle and Eon both walked into the tree and immediately inspected the area. They both walked around inside the hollowed tree looking for anything suspicious, anything that stood out, anything that could lead them to a secret. Eon took mostly the left side while Axle mostly took the right side in both their searches. They searched for a bit, but knowing their time was short before someone came in they both ended up reconvening in the center quicker than they would have liked.

“Find anything?” Eon asked.

“Not really,” Axle said. “I tried to look around with both my X-Ray Specs and my Aura, but I found nothing. How about you?”

“I have an idea, actually,” Eon said. She turned around and pointed at the banner on her side. “You see that banner there? It’s too high up for an eevee, even one standing on their hind legs, to reach, but any of our evolutions could reach it just fine. And if you have to evolve before you can learn about our history…”

“It’s possible that what we’re looking for is up there,” Axle finished for her. “It’s worth a shot.”

Axle flipped his X-Ray Specs from his forehead over his eyes once again and looked over at the banner. He looked at the banner for a few seconds, with Eon watching him intently. Axle eventually raised his goggles back in his forehead again and looked at the eevee.

“Odd, I didn’t notice anything,” Axle said. “No secret switch, no hidden staircase, nothing. That banner does seem to be just for decoration.”

“Really?” Eon asked, looking down to the floor.

“Of course, there is one other thing we can do,” Axle said. “Even if it doesn’t directly lead us to the secret of the village, it can at least hopefully give us some clues.”

“Ah, the Dimensional Scream!” Eon said. “Do you think you’ll get one?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Axle admitted. “Depends on whether it activates. I already tried using it earlier at your front door yesterday and it didn’t work then. But still, it’s worth a shot. I’m gonna need a bit of a boost though. Mind giving me a hand?”

“So long as you’re quick,” Eon said. “I don’t exactly have that much endurance.”

Eon walked up and put her side against the wall, lining up against it vertically. Axle walked up to her and climbed on top of her back. Eon slightly wavered and her knees buckled under Axle’s weight, but she managed to stay firm and support Axle’s weight. With that, Axle was able to stand on both of his paws and get enough high to touch the banner.

“S-see…anything…Axle?” Eon grunted.

“Just a second,” Axle said. He closed his eyes while placing his paw on the soft fabric of the banner. “I need to concentrate.”

Axle stood like that, trying to ignore Eon’s squirming below him. Despite his concentration though, he wasn’t able to see anything. He didn’t get any headaches either, signaling that his Dimensional Scream wasn’t coming. Axle groaned in frustration and decided to jump off of Eon to spare her his weight.

“Sorry Eon, I got nothing,” Axle apologized. “No visions or anything. I could be wrong, but I don’t think this place has anything to do with what we’re looking for.”

Eon kicked her paw. “Fine,” Eon said sadly. “I…guess we’ll just have to search somewhere else…”

“Eon?! You’re here huh?”

Axle and Eon both looked over towards the entrance where they saw a jolteon walking into the meeting house. The jolteon looked at the both of them for a couple of seconds before his eyes stuck on Eon. Once he did, he smirked and ran up to them, making a beeline specifically for the eevee. He ran quite close to her, violating her personal space.

“Geez, Eon what happened to you?” the jolteon asked. “When you left us you were just that cute, shy little eevee and now you’re here standing up to the Elders? Man, I would have never expected it from you. You should have warned me when you left that you were going to come back hot.”

“And you are?” Axle asked, keeping emotion off of his face while crossing his arms.

Eon took a step back. “…Wait, are you who I think you are?” she asked. “Are you…?”

“Yeah, but I go by Sparx now,” Sparx said. “Eon, it’s been a while.”

Eon rolled her eyes. “Yeah, it has. I see you still haven’t dropped the act. But why now? Elvin isn’t even here.”

“Can I get some context here?” Axle asked.

Eon nodded. “This is another one of my friends when I was younger,” Eon said. “I didn’t hang out with him as much as Elvin, but we did talk a lot.” Eon faced Sparx. “Sparx, this is Axle, my best friend and teammate.”

Sparx smiled and gave a small bow to Axle. “Nice to meet you, Axle,” Sparx said. “Glad to see someone was keeping Eon alive. Arcues knows how the world would be without that sexy little eevee.”

Eon rolled her eyes and groaned. “Really Sparx?”

Sparx chuckled. “You know I’m kidding. But seriously, the meeting hall was the last place I expected to see you two after you yelled at the Elders yesterday.”

“The Elders aren’t even here,” Axle said. “I checked. We don’t have much to worry about.”

“Oh, really?” Sparx asked, looking kinda disappointed. “Oh well.”

“We’re here to figure out what happened in the past that makes the Pokémon here so afraid of outsiders,” Eon said. “We were trying to see if there was something here that would tell us.” Eon’s eyes lit up. “But now that you’re here, you can tell us. Yeah! You’re evolved, so you must know, right? Can you please tell us Sparx? We want to know because it might help us get the rest of the villager’s trust.”

“Sorry, no can do,” Sparx said. “Last I check, you’re still an eevee. Rules are rules, and if you’re trying to be a part of the village again then you’re going to have to play by the rules.”

“Even though you’re currently breaking the rules by talking to us,” Axle pointed out.

“…Point to Axle,” Sparx said with a chuckle. “I guess the rules don’t matter too much to me. But still, it’s a long talk, and I’d rather not be the one canned for telling you. So you’re just going to have to figure it out on your own. But hey, if you ever see me outside the village, I’d love telling you over a wonderful Saturday night.”

“But…” Eon said, but Sparx turned around, cutting her off.

“Anyways, there’s someone I gotta meet, so I’ll see you later,” Sparx said. “Good luck with your search, though.”

Without another word, Sparx left the meeting home with a single bound. Eon had her right paw lifted in the air when he left, only to put it down once he was finally gone. Her ears flopped down and she looked disappointed because of it.

“So…can I ask what was with that guy?” Axle asked. “He acted like two different Pokémon. At the same time. I recommend counseling.”

“It’s just…something he does,” Eon said. “It’s usually when Elvin is around though. Don’t worry, he doesn’t actually mean any of the things he says to me. Heck, he’s told me that he plans on taking a mate outside of the village. He and Elvin just…don’t exactly get along that well and he knows that saying that annoys Elvin.”

“…Odd.” Axle looked out where Sparx left. “And you said you’re both their friends?”

“I said I’m friends with both of them,” Eon explained. “I didn’t say they’re friends with each other. It’s…complicated to be honest. A complicated part of my past.”

Eon turned her gaze in the direction Sparx left for. “Still though…I wonder what he came here for? Any ideas Axle?”

Axle crossed his arms. “Hmm…I have a few,” Axle said, though mostly to himself. “But it doesn’t really matter right now. Let’s just get back to searching for your village’s secret.”

Eon nodded. “Right.”
Returning Home: Chapter 4
Next: Coming soon

This chapter has a bit of an...interesting history. When I started working on this, I actually had a nighttime chat between Axle and Leif and later Elvin during this chapter, which I cut due to the fact that it did very little and I planned on having Elvin and Axle's talk become a turning point for the story. So I wrote mostly what you saw here later. Unfortunately, I kept both chapter 4s on different computers and when it came time to transition, the chapter 4 I planned on using got deleted for the other chapter 4 (which I only kept because I thought it might be useful in the future). So I had to entirely rewrite this chapter. Which was unfortunate.

But here we meet Shaymin 2.0 and learn a bit more about Eon's past. While this fanfic is more focused on Eon reconciling with her home village and proving how strong she's grown since she left, I did want to give snippets of Eon's past here and there. So we get a bit more by Sparx. He also explains why Eon takes what Shaymin says about her more in stride while Axle ends up more annoyed with him. Eon's more used to it. Also, Sparx will be important soon, so it's nice to introduce him here.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is (C) Nintendo, Game Freak, and Spike Chunsoft
Shameless advertising! Anyways, some of my favorite games of all time, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky are coming to the US's Wii U's Virtual Console on June 23'd. So for those of you who want to experience a game that I've talked about to death, you don't need to go out looking for it anymore. It's right there under the Wii U's Virtual Console. It's already gotten a European release as well if my sources are correct, so for all of you in Europe who happened to pass by this journal, you should be able to play it as well.

While I wouldn't exactly consider these the funnest games to play (honestly, I consider the gameplay for the entire series to be average at best, with Super being the exception), the stories of these games are amazing and well worth the gameplay. The stories are deep, as well as some of the darkest Pokemon has ever done, the characters are memorable (just ask any PMD fan about Grovyle), and I enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that these games give me. Especially Sky, since the included Special Episodes really help flesh out some of the characters. Plus the music that plays in some of the cutscenes are amazing (not so much the dungeons, aside from some really major exceptions (Great Canyon, Sky Tower, Temporal Tower, Vast Ice Mountain Peak and a few others) dungeon music is best in the 3DS PMD games). This is probably the most convenient way to get the games (along with the cheapest), so if you're thinking about playing a game in the PMD series, I recommend taking advantage of this.
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Oh my gosh that Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay was so awesome with all the added effects the new battle hub the rainbow transition and the oh my gosh my hype is through the roof and backwards it's going to be so amazing!

...So yeah, I watched the treehouse presentation of Pokemon Sun and Moon and I was impressed with what I saw. The music, from what I heard, was rather good, I really enjoy the graphics, and I don't really have any complaints with what I saw. I really can't wait to play it myself. Until then, I guess I'll still plan my team as more new info comes out.

Also, the next Legend of Zelda game not only has a name now, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also a ton of information about it. Skyrule is looking quite interesting, but also a little terrifying. It has a lot of RPG elements added to it, different equipable gear including weapons, though at a cost of them breaking after overuse. The overworld is ever changing, you have to keep in mind the environments as you go along your journey, and it's going to be a large non-linear adventure. I only have two personal concerns. The first is that exploration will feel too slow at first. The second and more important is that the story will take a hit due to the non-linear nature of the game. It's hard to tell a coherent story without certain event flags triggering certain events, and I'm worried the story of this game will suffer for it. It might not, but it's a thought.

Let's see...Yo Kai Watch 2 was announced to my lack of interest (no, I don't dislike it due to the fact that I feel it's a 'ripoff of Pokemon' or anything; there are just ascetic choices the game made that I don't personally care for. It's a fine game all the same, just not for me). Paper Mario Color Splash...might actually have a decent story. I'm still skeptical about it, and the combat really doesn't interest me in the slightest, but I see potential for them to make a decent story out of the game. We'll have to see and I'm giving the game the benefit of the doubt for now. They have a new RPG called Ever Oasis that...exists and I have no strong feelings in either direction for, not even having interest or a lack of interest. It just...exists for me. I suppose I'll keep an eye on it for now and see if I can formulate some opinion. Boxboxboy doesn't interest me in the slightest. Pokemon Go might if I had a smartphone, though my lack of one means I don't really care. And that's pretty much it, that I can think of.

Nintendo gave us exactly what they said they would, Pokemon Sun and Moon and Legend of Zelda. And on those I gotta admit, they were pretty strong. Their Day 2 however...didn't particularly interest me that much. I suppose it's better than nothing and I imagine there are things for other people there, but not really me. Don't know, maybe something will change my mind on them later. For now though, with Hyrule Warriors Legends and Kirby Planet Robobot to keep me company and my plans to eventually get Bravely Second and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, I think I'll be good until at least Sun and Moon comes out.
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United States
Hello People, I’m Soniclink137. I'm a Christian, but don't let that discourage you. So long as you don't get on my bad side, which is hard to do, you'll find I'm quite easy to get along with. Otherwise I'm a fan fic writer. The three main series I write fics on are Sonic, Pokémon, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So if you have a venomous hate for any of them, then you probably don't want to watch me. Just saying. Otherwise if you don't, then give me a watch if you want to and enjoy my works.

My stories:

Sonic Stories:

Tails of Dreams…
Current status: Finished
Pokemon Fanfics:

PMD: Storms Adventures (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Shadow Warriors (Coming soon?)
Current status: Possible Reboot

Tragic Decision:
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Returning Home:…
Current Status: In Progress

Sonic Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Memories…
Current status: Canceled (unless inspiration strikes hard)

The Shadows of Harmony (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Fighting a Friend's Darkness: (Sonic/MLP Crossover)…
Current status: Finished

Harmonious Sky Vs Chaotic Darkness (Sonic/Pokemon/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Finished

The Vines that Bind (Sonic/MLP Crossover):…
Current Status: Complete
MLP Fanfics:

(In Chronological order)

The Letters that Drew them Together: oneshot

Fight for Flight…
Current status: Finished

Withered and Blooming:…
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Strength through the Storm: Oneshot

Keeping Secrets:…
Current Status: Finished

What's Lost and Found in the Everfree Forest: Oneshot

Growth through the Thorn:…
Current Status: Complete

Rebirth: Oneshot

I Hope you're Happy with Her:…
Current Status: Complete

Blooming Travels:…
Current Status: Finished

Making it Up to Her: Oneshot

The Games we Used to Play: Oneshot

A Weighted Choice:…
Current Status: In progress

The Truth from a Parent: Oneshot

Sitting For Attention: Oneshot

Parenthood: Oneshot

Rumbling Doubts:…
Current Status: Complete

Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower
Favorite LPers: Chuggaaconroy, Clementj624, and SomecallmeJonnny
Wallpaper of Choice: Depends on how I feel
Favorite Quote: "Put you hand over your chest. Feel that? It's called a purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up!"
Shell of Choice: Red Shell. Useful to me, not to my opponents.
Favorite Console: The Nintendo Gamecube. A very underrated console with some very underrated games on it.
Shameless advertising! Anyways, some of my favorite games of all time, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky are coming to the US's Wii U's Virtual Console on June 23'd. So for those of you who want to experience a game that I've talked about to death, you don't need to go out looking for it anymore. It's right there under the Wii U's Virtual Console. It's already gotten a European release as well if my sources are correct, so for all of you in Europe who happened to pass by this journal, you should be able to play it as well.

While I wouldn't exactly consider these the funnest games to play (honestly, I consider the gameplay for the entire series to be average at best, with Super being the exception), the stories of these games are amazing and well worth the gameplay. The stories are deep, as well as some of the darkest Pokemon has ever done, the characters are memorable (just ask any PMD fan about Grovyle), and I enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that these games give me. Especially Sky, since the included Special Episodes really help flesh out some of the characters. Plus the music that plays in some of the cutscenes are amazing (not so much the dungeons, aside from some really major exceptions (Great Canyon, Sky Tower, Temporal Tower, Vast Ice Mountain Peak and a few others) dungeon music is best in the 3DS PMD games). This is probably the most convenient way to get the games (along with the cheapest), so if you're thinking about playing a game in the PMD series, I recommend taking advantage of this.
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Soniclink137 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016
I've heard about that. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, a part of the dislike of that episode comes from the fact that Death Battle went against their research team (who thought Bowser would win) and chose Ganon as winner. 

Which I can't really disagree with that much. Now Bowser is really sturdy, "Super Lava" notwithstanding (which, if you're curious, only exists because Mario has no continuity therefore Bowser will survive or not survive lava depending on the plot). Bowser has been shown to take intense blows before and survive. However Ganon can only be killed by Holy weapons. Beyond that, Bowser can't do anything against him. So unless Bowser has something Holy Elemental that I don't know of (which is certainly possible, as I don't know every asset of the Mario universe), Ganon can't be killed by him. So it was one sided from the word go.

Everything else though, is kinda meh for me. I did get a chuckle at the tennis portion, but neither Ganon nor Bowser really got the chance to use much of their arsenal (Bowser still had Giga Bowser and Meowser + Double Cherry while Ganon didn't even use his swords), and Ganon just looked awkward when he appeared (and he only appeared for all of five seconds so...meh). On the technical aspects, I can see where the dislike comes from.
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So the fans were acting like playground kids arguing who would win. The best I could do is humor them with the Silver Bullet argument in this Robot Chicken skit.

I didn't really root for either of them. I only wanted to see the Giga Bowser form and see how Ganon could've handled it better than in Melee at Very Hard difficulty.
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